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Public, Private, or Parochial Teaching

By Mike McGarry on February 18, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Career, Where to Teach, New Teachers

Suppose you want to become a teacher.  I think that’s great!  Making a difference in the lives of young people is deeply satisfying.  It can be a steep learning curve at the beginning of your career,...

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6 Things to Consider When Picking a School District

By Peter Poer on February 14, 2019
Topics:  Where to Teach, New Teachers

Choosing which schools and districts to apply to is a hugely important decision for beginning teachers. The type of challenges, supports, and requirements you experience in your first few years will...

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Licensing Requirements for Teaching Abroad

By David Recine on February 13, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Career, Where to Teach

Before I get into this topic, I have to say I was thrilled when Magoosh asked me to write about this! I started my career teaching abroad, and I love teaching in other countries. Immersing yourself...

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What to Know About Teaching at an Alternative School

By Jamie Goodwin on February 07, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Career, Where to Teach

An alternative school is typically known for helping students that are considered at risk for not graduating from school. They may not have enough credits due to failing grades or time missed. Some...

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7 Things to Know If You Want to Teach in Alaska

By Jamie Goodwin on January 11, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Where to Teach

There are different things to know about teaching in each state. If you want to teach in Alaska, here are some things that you should know.

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