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Teaching Interview Outfit 101: What to Wear

By Jamie Goodwin on January 04, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Job Etiquette, Teaching Interviews

The moment you arrive on campus for a teaching job interview, you’re being evaluated. The interviewers are observing you and trying to decide whether or not you’d be the perfect fit for their...

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Creative Ways to Thank Your Cooperating Teacher

By Jamie Goodwin on December 27, 2018
Topics:  Student Teaching, Teaching Job Etiquette

Your time as a student teacher is just about over. You've overcome your student teaching fears and you've learned some lessons. But there’s still one thing that you need to do: thank your ...

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Student Teaching Letter of Introduction to the Principal

By Jamie Goodwin on December 14, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Student Teaching, Teaching Job Etiquette

Student teaching can be an extended job interview. If you’re interested in working in the school or school district, you should strive to make a great impression. One thing that you can do before...

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