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25 Elementary Teacher Must Have Teaching Supplies

By Jamie Goodwin on February 12, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Elementary School, Classroom Set Up

At the beginning of the school year, you need to stock your classroom with the supplies that you’ll need. When you have everything at your disposal, you can simplify your day. So what are the...

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Should I Become an Elementary School Teacher?

By Allison White on December 26, 2018
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Teaching Elementary School

Every teacher has their own favorite age. Some teachers love teaching 4th graders, others enjoy the challenge of teaching high school calculus or teaching Kindergartners to read. Only you can know...

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7 Ideas for Student Assessment in Kindergarten

Educators have discovered that exams aren’t the best form of assessment for every student. This is especially true with kindergartners. At this stage, students are on such different levels and...

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