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Quiet Games in the Classroom: 5 Games Your Students Will Love

By Jamie Goodwin on December 25, 2018
Topics:  Teaching Ideas, Classroom, Teachers

Sometimes you need quiet games in the classroom. Maybe the weather has pushed recess indoors. Maybe your students need to let loose to help them refocus. Whatever the case may be, here are 5 quiet...

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Student Teaching vs. Practicum

By David Recine on December 20, 2018
Topics:  practice teaching, Teachers, Student Teaching

As you progress in your education degree, you’ll hear two important terms: student teaching and practicum. These are two different types of field work. You’ll do your practicum before you do any...

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36 Top Jobs for Teachers Outside of the Classroom

By Jamie Goodwin on December 18, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Teaching Jobs

After completing student teaching, receiving your teaching certificate, and getting your first classroom, you may find that teaching just isn’t for you. Then what? You’ve spent so much time and...

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Tips for New Teachers: Setting Personal Goals

By Allison White on December 14, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, practice teaching, goal setting

Goal setting is an important and ongoing part of any career. As a teacher, setting personal goals can help you stay focused and motivated. They can also help you develop your sense of self as a...

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Student Teaching Letter of Introduction to the Principal

By Jamie Goodwin on December 14, 2018
Topics:  Student Teaching, Teachers, Teaching Job Etiquette

Student teaching can be an extended job interview. If you’re interested in working in the school or school district, you should strive to make a great impression. One thing that you can do before...

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My Student Teaching Experience: Lessons Learned

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, practice teaching

The student teaching experience allows you to put everything that you’ve learned about education and your subject matter into action. You get to test the waters under the supervision of an...

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Top 10 Teaching Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Classroom, Activities

A teaching strategy is the method you use to convey information to your students. There may be a particular strategy that works well with your group of students one year that won’t work with your...

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Top 10 Tips to Keep You Awake While Studying

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Study Schedule, Teachers

After a long day of classes and fulfilling other responsibilities, it’s hard to keep your eyes open while studying. You may find yourself fighting to keep your eyes open or dozing off while...

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Top 10 Classroom Rules for Elementary School Students

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Classroom, Teachers

Classroom rules are important to your class community. When students have rules, they know what your expectations are for them. They know what you want them to do, and they know that there are...

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25 Questions to Ask at a Teaching Interview

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Teachers

You’re sitting in a teaching interview. Question after question comes your way, and you nail it! You’re feeling good about things. Then, you get to the end of the interview and the interviewer...

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