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How Much Do Teachers Make in Each State?

By David Recine on January 22, 2019
Topics:  Teacher Salaries, Teaching Career

Teacher salaries are a political “hot-button” topic these days. With education reform and state budget reform, there’s a lot of debate about how much teachers should be paid and how much money should...

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Teaching Salary by State

By David Recine on December 31, 2018
Topics:  Teacher Salaries

Teaching salary by state is an important factor in your career decisions. To make a truly informed choice, look at both starting and long-term pay. Also look at cost of living.

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Average Starting Teacher Salaries by State

By David Recine on December 22, 2018
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Teacher Salaries

As you prepare to become a teacher, it’s good to know the average starting teacher salaries by state. What will you make at your first teaching job? Which state is the best state to teach in, in...

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