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Inclusion: Helping All Students Belong in Your Classroom!

Inclusion is creating a community in your classroom that includes both students with and without disabilities. Research shows us that not only is inclusion best practice, but it benefits ALL kids...

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Do’s and Don'ts of Classroom Management

Classroom management. It’s a much-discussed topic in teacher education programs, continuing education courses, and among teachers and administrators. Teachers don’t want to spend their days...

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Should I Become a College Professor? 7 Things to Consider

By David Recine on December 22, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, Career, College

If you’re looking into becoming a teacher, you’ve probably thought about all of your options as far as which grade to teach. Licensed school teaching—the kind of work you get with qualifying...

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Top 10 Teaching Strategies to Use in Your Classroom

A teaching strategy is the method you use to convey information to your students. There may be a particular strategy that works well with your group of students one year that won’t work with your...

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Top 10 Tips to Keep You Awake While Studying

By Jamie Goodwin on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Test Prep, Teachers, High School, College

After a long day of classes and fulfilling other responsibilities (especially if you're trying to balance teaching and grad school), it’s hard to keep your eyes open while studying. You may find...

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