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First Day of School Outfit: What to Wear as a Teacher

By Allison White on March 13, 2019
Topics:  Becoming a Teacher, New Teachers

You might remember your parents dressing you oh so carefully on your first day of school as a kid. For teachers, you do have to dress yourself now (sorry), but the outfit choice for your first day of...

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How to Become a Teacher: A Guide for Aspiring Teachers

So you want to become a school teacher. But where do you start? Well, that’s not exactly a simple question, and it depends on a lot of different factors. The good news is that, these days, there are...

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What Is Student Teaching?

If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, you’ve probably heard the term “student teaching.” But what is student teaching, and why is it so important? That question can be answered in two parts–what...

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Student Teaching Outfits: What to Wear

By David Recine on January 28, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Becoming a Teacher

What should your student teaching outfits look like? What to wear may sound like a silly question, but it’s important . . . and surprisingly easy to get wrong.

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What Are My Options for Alternative Teacher Certification?

The National Education Association and the U.S. Department of Education both report that alternative paths to teacher certification are on the rise. More and more, paths to certification that do not...

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Should I Get a Master’s Degree for Teaching?

By David Recine on January 21, 2019
Topics:  Becoming a Teacher, Teacher Education

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many ways to become a teacher. And the best way, when it comes to long-term career options, is to get a relevant degree. With that in mind, many aspiring teachers...

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Does GPA Matter for Getting a Teaching Job?

By Jamie Goodwin on January 21, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Becoming a Teacher, Teaching Degree

My friend struggled to get through her general classes. Let’s just say that she didn’t get the straight A’s that she had hoped to get. She asked me, “does GPA matter for teaching jobs?” The simple...

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How Does Substitute Teaching Work? 6 Steps for Subbing

Substitute teaching requirements differ by school district. In some school districts, you may be able to substitute teach before completing your degree. It can be a great way to gain experience and...

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How to Balance Teaching and Grad School

By Allison White on January 08, 2019
Topics:  Becoming a Teacher, Teacher Education

Teaching and grad school are both very challenging. Doing them together is not for the faint of heart! It is possible though — I’ve done it, and so have many others. Here are some tips for...

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What Grade Should You Teach? How to Decide

By David Recine on January 03, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Becoming a Teacher, Teacher Education

Different age groups can provide very different teaching experiences. So what grade should you teach? You’ll want to decide early on in your teacher training.

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