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Tips for New Teachers: Classroom Management

By David Recine on January 22, 2019
Topics:  Classroom Management, New Teachers

For a new teacher, nothing’s more terrifying than an out-of-control classroom. Veteran teachers don’t care for this situation either, but new teachers tend to be most vulnerable to losing control....

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How to Grade Papers Faster

By David Recine on January 22, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Strategies, Grade Papers Faster

There are many different techniques that a teacher can use to assess their students' understanding of the concepts being taught. But using those techniques means grading! You will have to grade...

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Should I Get a Master’s Degree for Teaching?

By David Recine on January 21, 2019
Topics:  Becoming a Teacher, Teacher Education

As I’ve mentioned before, there are many ways to become a teacher. And the best way, when it comes to long-term career options, is to get a relevant degree. With that in mind, many aspiring teachers...

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Does GPA Matter for Getting a Teaching Job?

By Jamie Goodwin on January 21, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Becoming a Teacher, Teaching Degree

My friend struggled to get through her general classes. Let’s just say that she didn’t get the straight A’s that she had hoped to get. She asked me, “does GPA matter for teaching jobs?” The simple...

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How Does Substitute Teaching Work? 6 Steps for Subbing

Substitute teaching requirements differ by school district. In some school districts, you may be able to substitute teach before completing your degree. It can be a great way to gain experience and...

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How Much Do Starting Teachers Make?

By David Recine on January 21, 2019

If you’re nearing the end of your teacher training, you may wonder…How much do starting teachers make?

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What to Include in a Student Teaching Portfolio

By Jamie Goodwin on January 18, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Student Teaching Portfolio

You’ll use your student teaching portfolio when you apply for a job, ask for a promotion, apply for a grant, and for other situations. It’s evidence of your teaching abilities, documenting the...

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Can You Fail Student Teaching?

By David Recine on January 17, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching

As I’ve said, student teaching counts as a university course. And yet, this time of learning can bring up many fears and anxieties in some student teachers. Many nervous teachers in-training ask...

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Writing a Letter to Parents as a Student Teacher

By Allison White on January 16, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Teaching Ideas

As a student teacher, writing a letter to parents is your first step in communicating with families. It serves as their introduction to you as their child’s teacher. With these tips, you will make...

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10 Reasons Why Teaching Is Fun

By Jamie Goodwin on January 15, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Jobs, Why Teach?

Someone once said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” That’s how I feel about teaching. Teaching is not only something that I love to do, but I think it’s...

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