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Allison White

Allison is an Early Childhood Educator who has been a teacher since 2010. She graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010 with a degree in Psychology, focused in Child Development. She began her teaching career as a 2nd grade teacher in Washington, D.C. After moving to Denver, Colorado she discovered a passion for Early Childhood Special Education. She earned a Master's in the subject from University of Colorado Denver in 2015. She spent Spring 2016 teaching pre-service early childhood educators at the undergraduate level. Now she and her husband are on a big adventure travelling around the western United States in an RV!

Recent Posts

Tips for New Teachers: Setting Personal Goals

By Allison White on December 14, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, practice teaching, goal setting

Goal setting is an important and ongoing part of any career. As a teacher, setting personal goals can help you stay focused and motivated. They can also help you develop your sense of self as a...

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How Do I Put Student Teaching on my Resume?

By Allison White on April 11, 2018
Topics:  practice teaching

Student teaching is an important part of your work experience as an educator, so you should definitely list it on your resume. Of course, that might be easier said than done, so we've provided...

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Student Teaching Resume Examples

By Allison White on April 11, 2018
Topics:  Teachers, practice teaching

You taught the lessons. You turned in all the write-ups. You finished your student teaching! Here’s how to add student teaching to your resume including some student teaching resume examples!

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