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Licensing Requirements for Teaching Abroad

By David Recine on February 13, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Career, Where to Teach

Before I get into this topic, I have to say I was thrilled when Magoosh asked me to write about this! I started my career teaching abroad, and I love teaching in other countries. Immersing yourself...

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Top Classroom Assessment Techniques

By Jamie Goodwin on February 08, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Strategies, Classroom Management

Rather than asking students to regurgitate facts on a test, it’s important to come up with alternate classroom assessment techniques to determine their level of understanding. Try using some of these...

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What Degree Do You Need to Teach?

If you’re considering a career in teaching, it’s important to get the right credentials. The most basic qualification you need, in terms of a degree, is a bachelor’s degree. Without a four-year...

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8 Ways to Start Your Class Every Day

From the moment that your students arrive, you can start the day on the right foot. These first few moments can set the tone for the day. Your goal is to maintain a well-managed classroom while...

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Must-Have Teaching Apps

By Jamie Goodwin on February 03, 2019
Topics:  Technology in the Classroom, Teaching Ideas

It seems like there’s an app for just about everything these days. Therefore, you probably aren’t too surprised to find that there are a lot of apps you can use to enhance your teaching and simplify...

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Should I Consider Teach for America?

For the uninitiated, Teach for America is an alternative certification program that recruits people to become teachers in high needs schools for a commitment of two years. TFA is a fairly prestigious...

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Tips for New Teachers: Finding a Teaching Mentor

By Allison White on February 02, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Career, New Teachers

Mentors can make all the difference for a first-year teacher. Mentors provide you with support, guidance, and advice to help your teaching career get off to a good start. They can also be helpful to...

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Student Teaching Ideas Your Students Will Love

By Jamie Goodwin on February 01, 2019
Topics:  Student Teaching, Teaching Ideas

One lesson that I quickly learned when working with students is that it’s important to build a relationship with them. Students need to trust you and enjoy coming to class. As the time for your...

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How to Set Goals as a Student Teacher

By David Recine on February 01, 2019
Topics:  Teaching Strategies, Student Teaching

As I’ve mentioned before, student teaching is a very important step in your career. So you’ll want to prepare well and set good goals. Knowing what you need to achieve and accomplishing all your...

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What Is Student Teaching?

If you’re thinking of becoming a teacher, you’ve probably heard the term “student teaching.” But what is student teaching, and why is it so important? That question can be answered in two parts–what...

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